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Nutrition of Homemade Yogurt

Issuing time:2019-05-06 14:56

Nutrition of Homemade Yogurt

Yogurt is known to be nutritious and healthy, however, homemade yogurt has more nutritional value than commercially available yogurt.

1. When making yogurt, some lactic acid bacteria can synthesize vitamin C, which increases the content of vitamin C.

2. During pregnancy, yogurt provides vitamins, folic acid and phosphoric acid in addition to providing the necessary energy.

3. In women's menopause, it can also inhibit osteoporosis caused by calcium deficiency.

4. Eating yogurt every day in old age can correct nutritional deficiencies caused by partial eclipse.

5. Yogurt can promote the secretion of digestive juice and increase gastric acid, thus enhancing people's digestive ability and promoting appetite.

6. The lactic acid in yogurt can not only convert weakly alkaline substances in the intestines into weakly acidic substances, but also produce antibacterial substances, which has a health-care effect on the human body.

7. Yogurt has the effect of lowering blood cholesterol.

8. Improve lactose intolerance and improve adaptability to dairy products.

9. Regularly drinking yogurt can improve the digestive ability of dairy products, and gradually adapt to other milk-containing foods such as milk and ice cream.

10. Improve the absorption rate of minerals such as calcium and iron.

11. Improve intestinal immune function and prevent intestinal infection.

12. Activates the function of the immune system, improves the phagocytic ability of macrophages and T cell function.

13. Lower serum cholesterol.

14. Alleviate radiation damage and inhibit the decrease in the number of lymphocytes after radiation.

The yogurt brewed with the "Richuang" brand household yogurt machine and commercial yogurt machine is in the shape of a tofu brain, with a smooth surface like jade, delicate organization, and a gentle and strong natural fermented frankincense. The taste is pure, gentle and smooth, sweet and sour. Appropriate, particularly thick, its freshness and naturalness leave an unforgettable aftertaste. In addition, heating ordinary yogurt will cause all nutrients in it to be lost. The "warm yogurt" made by the "Richuang" yogurt machine can be directly consumed by people with stomach discomfort in winter, changing the traditional way of drinking yogurt only cold.

The yogurt brewed by the Japanese yogurt machine and commercial yogurt machine has been monitored and proved by the national authoritative department that the lactic acid bacteria in the yogurt have good freshness, high activity, safety and hygiene, and do not add any additives, thickeners and preservatives. The lactic acid bacteria far exceed the national standard value (the national standard value is 1×106, while the lactic acid bacteria content of the yogurt fermented by the Richuang yogurt cabinet is 2.4×109), which can be called the best of freshly brewed yogurt.

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