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The greatest satisfaction for people every day is probably to eat three hearty meals and enjoy a leisurely afternoon tea. If it can be accompanied by a glass of elegant and fragrant red wine, it will

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Red wine adder, this meticulousness should be given full marks

Issuing time:2019-05-06 15:30

Red wine adder, this meticulousness should be given full marks

The greatest satisfaction for people every day is probably to eat three hearty meals and enjoy a leisurely afternoon tea. If it can be accompanied by a glass of elegant and fragrant red wine, it will be more suitable.

Anyone who loves to drink red wine knows that the storage conditions of red wine are very particular, requiring constant temperature, constant humidity, avoidance of light, ventilation to prevent the entry of odors, shock absorption and static horizontal placement. These are the six key elements of storage. What should I do if I drink half of the wine or like to collect wine and want to keep the wine for a longer time? At this time, you need a wine storage cabinet with guaranteed quality! What? You are not familiar with the wine cooler, let the editor help you literate one by one.

Different cooling methods, different classifications

According to the refrigeration method, wine coolers can be divided into two categories: semiconductor electronic wine coolers and compressor electronic wine coolers. The advantage of electronic wine coolers is that they are more affordable, but have a short lifespan. The compressor type wine cooler has a long service life, fast cooling and good temperature control. Relatively speaking, the compressor type wine cooler is better.

According to the refrigeration method, it is divided into: direct cooling wine cabinet and air cooling wine cabinet. Direct cooling, also known as air-conditioning natural conduction. Its cold source (evaporator) is directly attached to the inner tank of the wine cabinet, and it has natural convection with the air in the wine cabinet, and the cool air on the cold source is emitted into the wine cabinet. The distance between the cold source points affects the temperature at different locations, so the disadvantages of the direct cooling wine cabinet are that the temperature difference is large, the temperature is uneven, and even frost is easy; The box is isolated, and the fan will circulate the air in the box after cooling by the cold source to achieve the purpose of cooling. Because the cold air is pervasive, the temperature of the air-cooled wine cabinet is more uniform, the control is more precise, and the liner of the wine cabinet will not be frosted. Therefore, the cold air wine cooler has a relative advantage.

There are a variety of bottling styles to choose from to meet individual needs

Small families generally need around 30 bottles, while families that need to entertain guests often can choose larger ones, with capacities ranging from 95-420 liters to meet your individual needs.

Smart temperature control for better storage

The red wine cabinets sold in the market all use intelligent temperature control, which can automatically change the temperature mode of the wine cabinet to manage the temperature of the red wine, so as to keep the wine in the best storage state. Allows you to enjoy a relaxed and leisurely life.

Energy saving and environmental protection, enjoy healthy life

Many people worry about the power consumption of wine coolers. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. Today's compressor-type wine coolers are anti-vibration, low noise and low energy consumption, with more uniform temperature and more precise control. Let you enjoy a healthy life with low energy and environmental protection.

Now most families have a wine cooler, but yours doesn't? Still hesitant after reading so many introductions? It is said that good things only know if they are good after they have been used. The editor has collected the after-use experience of the majority of users. Today, I recommend a trustworthy wine cabinet brand-Richuang. His wine cabinet is remarkable. of. Intelligent temperature control digital panel, accurately control the required temperature; it belongs to the compressor air-cooled wine cabinet, with good temperature control, anti-vibration, low noise and low energy consumption, reducing the impact on the quality, smell, taste and texture of red wine; there are various Style, different bottling quantity 95-420L is up to you to choose, humanized design to meet your individual needs. At the same time, it can provide the best conditions for red wine storage.

Buy a wine cooler that suits your needs, put it at home decently and practically, so that the idea of enjoying delicate and delicious red wine at home every day is no longer a dream. Whether it is function or appearance, of course, this meticulousness must be given full marks!