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Inventor of Chinese Yogurt machine:Rikon changes the game for China's domestic electric appliances

Issuing time:2019-10-17 12:48

Guangzhou is the jewel of southern China. Not only because it's the capital of Guangdong Province, but also because it's the center of international trade between China and the world.

    For Rikon Electric Co., Ltd, Guangzhou is also the heart of the enterprise.

In 2005, Rikon's domestic yogurt machine first appeared at Guangzhou export commodities fair. This brand new company created by Hong Zhang, entered the gate of international trades and started its march towards European and American markets.

From that moment, Rikon reassured its "daily innovation" quality, and luxurious production direction. Rikon invested over two million RMB in its production, acquired more than ten international qualifications, including the German company-TÜVRheinland's GS 、TÜV、CE、CB、EMC certifications;UL-CCIC's UL, CUL safety qualifications for USA and Canada;European Union's ROHS Qualification;German and French LFGB Food safety certification, etc. Therefore, Rikon Electric Co., Ltd became the only yogurt machine company in China that's qualified to export their goods.

Starting from here, Rikon firmly grasped the "honest & trustworthy for our customers" ideology, and placed their customers first, to use honesty as a basis,   trust as a specialty, and regard quality as the future.

After more than a decade of cultivation, Rikon's today is an international frontrunner for the development, sales, and production of small/large domestic/industrial appliances. Rikon produces products like industrial yogurt machines and wine coolers, which includes 15 series of domestic yogurt machines, and high end compressor wine coolers. Thus satisfying the needs of different customers.

Rikon has always been chased after, but never been beaten. After decades of development, Rikon's domestic and industrial yogurt machines have been improving drastically. Rikon's future also includes high end compressor wine coolers and industrial yogurt machines. Rikon's name is well known within the industry for advanced technology and its trustworthy service. This made Rikon the new definition of quality and innovation.