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In the business world, choice is more important than opportunity!

Wisdom is like you, vision is like gold, choose Nikko to help you succeed!

Join in advantage: win China through vertical and horizontal strategy!

Nikon competitive strategy emphasizes a comprehensive and balanced competitive advantage. From brand, production, product, operation, training, logistics, advertising to terminal sales promotion, Nikko strives to constantly surpass, surpass its peers and surpass itself. Through the scientific integration of various competitive elements, strive to produce a strong market competition power and occupy the market height and breadth!


----Private brand strategy, concentrated advantages, clear selling points, more market penetration!

Nikon, an electrical brand with a history of more than 20 years. Since its establishment in Beijing, China in 2003, the company has always adhered to the brand strategy, devoted a lot of resources to the R & D and production of yoghurt machine and wine cabinet products, obtained dozens of invention patents, and filled in many industry gaps. Therefore, the advantages are more concentrated, the selling points are more clear, and we are dedicated to building a pure "Nikko" brand. For franchisees, this mode is more transparent, easier to win the initiative in the fierce market competition, avoid the malignant competition of homogeneity, and once entering the market, it can quickly establish a strong brand height in the region.


----The headquarter of Nikko is located in Beijing, and two R & D bases are set up in Langfang, Hebei Province and Zhongshan, Guangdong Province. Realize the advantages of localized production, complementary resources, and regional and cost in the north and south.

With the strong R & D and production advantages of Langfang in Hebei Province and Zhongshan in Guangdong Province, the headquarters of Nikko (Beijing, China) produces key components in the factory, which greatly reduces the intermediate links and transportation time, and effectively reduces the management cost and logistics cost. These saved costs will be reflected in the overall cost of products inclined to franchisees, forming a great price advantage and competitive advantage. The core products are inspected and accepted in strict accordance with the quality standards of international certification, ensuring the product quality. At the same time, our R & D ability can not only guarantee the product quality, but also meet the market requirements for brand differentiation.

Advantages of production and testing equipment

--With the advanced automatic production equipment and product testing equipment of Germany and Italy, the multi-functional intelligent laboratory of certification standard can simulate various environments from - 5 ℃ to 45 ℃, equipped with professional production testing system, to ensure the stable and reliable temperature and humidity of each product.

Fully intelligent production process control system: advanced digital LCD WiFi control program is adopted to ensure more scientific and standardized operation in the production process.


------A number of invention patents, rich resources, enjoy high profits; intelligent commercial yoghurt machine project and quality wine cabinet project, enjoy high yield!

More than 80% of the resources of products and technology of Nikko's intelligent commercial yoghurt machine project and quality wine cabinet project, the comprehensive advantages of the project rank first in the same industry. Rich resources enable franchise stores to enjoy high profits and avoid the business risk of vicious competition among peers. The rate of return is 2-3 times of that of conventional commercial electrical projects, so as to get rid of the trivialities of low profits of low-end commercial electrical appliances. The product quality is stable, the daily operation is fully intelligent, and the use is easy and convenient.


----More than 20 years of professional management and operation team, give each other their best, work together all the way to success!

With its professional management experience, Nikko has strengthened the training for its franchised customers, improved the operation level of franchised stores and managers, and the headquarters regularly invited experts in the industry and domestic marketing management elites to provide franchisees with management training, introduced advanced management concepts, experience of successful franchised stores, marketing models and industries suitable for local economic characteristics Dynamics. At the same time, through the headquarters website online answer franchisee in the business management problems encountered, and constantly improve the management and marketing level of franchisees and operators, to lay a solid foundation for the success of franchisees.


---As an electrical brand, after-sales service has always been attached importance to by Japanese brands. For those who buy Japanese products, after-sales service is undoubtedly a reassurance. The quality of after-sales service is also a worry after people buy Japanese brands.

For after sales service:

1. Japanese brands launched "China Lianbao" in China. The company promised 24-hour door-to-door maintenance for large goods and 72-hour door-to-door maintenance for remote areas.

2. The whole machine is guaranteed for one year and the compressor for three years.

3. If there is any problem with the product, you can call 400-666-1466 after-sales call immediately, as long as the customer has any needs and questions, they can be solved in a timely and effective manner.

1. Understand through investment consulting

A: understand the company profile and business model through conference, training, advertising and other investment promotion channels. B: understand the conditions and requirements of agent joining. C: determine the intention of agency cooperation.

2. Fill in the franchise application form

A: the franchisee shall fill in the application form for franchising of agents and submit it to the headquarters of the company for review.

3. Company assessment

A: after receiving the application form, the headquarters shall review the specific situation and conditions of the franchisee.

B: if it passes the examination, notify the applicant and sign the contract.

4. Signing

A: the company shall provide the text of the agent franchise contract and explain it.

B: the company signs a contract with the agent franchisee to clarify the cooperation mode, rights and obligations of both parties.

C: pay relevant franchise fees.

5. First purchase

A: after the contract is signed, the agent shall prepay the first payment.

6. Site selection and certification

A: according to the opening address provided by the agent franchisee, the company determines the feasibility of the project and jointly determines the final site selection scheme.

7. Training

A: the company provides opening operation training for franchisees.

B: management software and hardware operation training.

C: market analysis and market channel development guidance.

D: staff training.

8. Logistics and distribution

A: the company's logistics will make the first order distribution.

B: when the goods arrive at the store, the company will guide the franchisee to display the goods and arrange and operate the training in the store.

9. Operation guidance

A: standardize the operation and report the operation to the company in time.

B: implement all publicity and promotion measures of the company.

C: the company provides training and guidance to the franchisee from time to time.

10. Material support

A: in the process of operation, follow up the method of making guidance.

B: provide distribution of raw materials and auxiliary materials.

1. According to the national administrative division, each district or county authorizes an agent.
2. The actual area of the business site shall not be less than 50 square meters.
3. Have basic operation ability and management experience.
4. Provide business license and other relevant certificates required for operation.
5. Identify with the corporate culture, business philosophy and development objectives, and abide by the company's management systems.
6. The first purchase price shall not be less than 30000 yuan.
If you need to join the details, please fill in the message, our investment promotion specialist will contact you and provide you with more detailed information and answers!
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