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———— Quality life daily innovation ————

Quality is life, reputation is the future
The value we offer our customers
The significance of our existence and development
The program of action we will stick to from the beginning to the end

Brand Value

Producing products that meet our customers' need

Our scientific management and strict control of process quality. We want to build a brand that improves continuously and strive for greatness.

Brand Advantage

Quality: safe, reliable and durable Taste: pay attention to details, beautiful and classy, rich cultural connotation

Our business goal is to reach the high level of the industry, meet the top level needs of our customers, and bring fashionable and healthy electrical products to hundreds of millions of families.

Target Customers

Attentive to details as we pursue luxurious lifestyles.

Customer first, quality-oriented professionals.

We focus on the investigation and analysis of the lifestyle and consumption psychology of our target customer groups. We try our best to meet the needs of such customers.

Brand Concept

Your satisfaction is our motivation, your problem is our problem

Science, humane, efficiency, innovation.

Our products are carefully built and our brand is carefully managed.

Our Vision

Owning more than 50 patents: Rikon is the inventor of yoghurt machines & the creator of the new high standard of wine cooling.

Adhering to the spirit of originality and making excellent products are our main business objectives. With our active effort, we wish to become the industry benchmark and the brand that customers desires.

Brand culture

Brand Positioning

Rikon: Supplier of high-quality yoghurt and related electrical products

We focus on our specialties to further our market cultivation.

Specialty is our competitive advantage.

———— Brand Interpretation ————

Interpretation of logo of Rikon:

The logo of Rikon takes the letter "R" of the word "Ri", which means "day", and forms the shape of "sail" in an abstract way, implying the development of Rikon, just like sailing in the sea, breaking through the waves and sailing smoothly. In addition, the elegant and unrestrained model of the "sail" represents the flexible, informal, and innovative business philosophy of Rikon. The dark blue color represents stability and embodies the spirit of innovation. It represents the philosophy of Rikon, which is science-oriented, people-oriented, efficiency-oriented, and continuously innovative. Six consciousness of employees of Rikon Quality awareness, innovation awareness, team awareness, competition awareness, service awareness, learning awareness.

How do Rikon view stakeholders Employee: Employees are the foundation of Rikon. Rikon's employees agree with the enterprise's values, culture, and have a sense of responsibility for the spirit of the cooperation. Rikon strives to meet the needs of the employees in terms of self-development, satisfaction, a good organizational atmosphere. This allows the employees and the enterprise to share the same common destiny and common growth. Customer: Customers and their needs are everything to Rikon. Customer satisfaction is the eternal pursuit of Rikon. Rikon wins customers' trust and loyalty with advanced technology, quality products, and attentive service. We can meet the real and potential needs of users more quickly and accurately than competitors.

Cooperator: Cooperators are business partners of Rikon. We advocate competition and cooperation on the basis of equality and mutual benefit, forming strategic alliances when conditions are appropriate, and recognizes the win-win in the value of sharing. We should let the cooperator regard Rikon as an integral part of their success. Society: The prosperity of an enterprise is based on the prosperity of a large social family, so the basic value of Rikon is to make contributions to society; it is also important to make the slogan of Rikon products: "Live variously, innovate Daily" come true in every family, and bring health and happiness to every family. While taking "your satisfaction is our driving force, your problem is our problem" as our service concept